Nursery Tree Wall Stencil

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Nursery Tree Wall Stencil: Nursery Tree Wall Stencil Size: Large Tree approx 2m high.

Our brilliant Tree Stencil Pack allows you to 'grow' your own woodland!

Stencils are really simple to use and make a fabulous, unique and creative alternative to wall stickers or wallpaper. Unlike stickers you'll be able to paint the tree, leaves and birds any colour you like, position them where you like and use and reuse the stencils as many times as you need to get the look you want. Stencils won't peel off either so they're longer lasting and easily wiped over, oh and don't forget that stencils can also be used to paint furniture and fabrics too so why not create some scatter cushions or brighten up those wardrobe doors! With this pack you'll receive all the stencils you need to create a beautiful wall mural. The main tree is cut from three numbered sheets, simply apply stencil number one to the wall, paint and remove. Line up stencil number two, paint and then finally stencil number three. Once you have your tree you can begin adding leaves and birds, keep adding leaves until you're happy with your tree shape and height. The main tree trunk and branches, when assembled, measure 1.8m high x 1m wide. Adding leaves and birds (as pictured) will make the tree approx 2m high and 1.6m wide. Alternatively you can use the additional branch and trunk stencils to create a taller and/or wider tree. Just follow our instructional pictures below. With the branch and trunk extensions the tree measures just over 2m high and just over 1.5m wide. Adding leaves and birds (as pictured) will increase the height to approx 2.3m high and the width to 2.6m. The pack includes all stencils to create the main tree and the extension branches to create the larger swept-over tree as well as various leaf and bird stencils. We'll also include comprehensive instructions with your stencils.

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Please note that our stickers do not adhere to certain types of paint and textures – see our FAQ section for details.

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